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The team at Hoopla have been supplying oil and LPG boilers to the communities around Henley on Thames since 2016. With 70 years of combined experience, we can meet all your oil and LPG boiler requirements including supply, installation, and servicing. Oil and LPG Boilers use a stored supply of fuel to generate your home’s heat and hot water. They are commonly used at rural properties that don’t have direct access to mains gas. The key difference with these off-grid boilers is that you need a tank on your property to store the fuel, which you will need to get delivered. A standard storage tank usually provides heat for a property for between six and nine months. With most suppliers now mixing oil with biodiesel, oil boilers have become a good environmentally friendly option. This mixed fuel burns much cleaner than traditional oil.

Oil and LPG boilers can come as combi, regular, or system boilers just like the more common mains-gas versions.

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  • Oil and LPG Combi Boilers

    A compact unit that supplies both heating and hot water directly from the water mains. Ideal for smaller homes where space is limited because there is no need for a hot water cylinder or water storage tank. The only negative with a combi boiler is that if you need to use more than one outlet at a time it will struggle to maintain heat and pressure.

  • Oil and LPG Regular Boilers

    Regular boilers heat water from a water tank and store it in a hot water cylinder. This system can supply multiple outlets at the same time and is popular for larger properties.

  • Oil and LPG System Boilers

    System Boilers are a closed system that, like regular boilers, store hot water in a cylinder. Unlike regular boilers, they take their water directly from the mains water supply rather than a water tank.

The advantages of Oil and LPG boilers are that they are cost-effective because oil and LPG are truly efficient fuels, giving a good return on the investment required to fill the tank. They are safe and efficient with modern systems performing at 95% or above efficiency. Economically they are consistently cheaper than comparable gas or electric systems.
The disadvantages are that they can be expensive to install and require an external storage tank which can be particularly unsightly if not installed underground.

If you are considering an oil or LPG heating system, contact the team at Hoopa and we can talk you through the options and provide a competitive quote.

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