Heating and Gas


Is your Heating taking a long time to heat up or not heating up at all? Is there cold spots on radiators? Does the boiler cut out and create loud banging noises? This is all indications your central heating system is blocked with sludge. This sludge is the breakdown of the dissimilar metals in your radiators. Call Hoopla Property Services to powerflush and treat your central heating system.

Boiler Installations

Hoopla Property Services Specialize in Boiler Replacements. If your boiler and central heating system hasn’t been maintained each year it could be likely the boiler will eventually come up with a fault and start to give you issues. Or maybe you are looking to save money on your gas bill? The new A rated condensing boilers will now give you a percentage of 97% efficiency compared to your older un-condensing boiler which will give you around 60% efficiency. We can advise you on each of the options available to you.

Faults and Maintenance

Unfortunately not all heating systems have been fitted correctly and do cause many people problems. Or it could be that a motorized valve or a component in a boiler is not working or has failed. Hoopla Property Services will come and inspect any issues you may have with your heating system. Weather it is the fan in the boiler or something simple like the circulating pump.

Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

If you are looking to rent your house out you will need to have your gas appliances inspected annually. Hoopla Property Services will test all gas appliances to make sure your tenants are safe from gas leakages and carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer and can go un-noticed, leading to serious health problems or even death.

Gas Installations

All gas installations must comply with regulations. If they do not, you and others will be at a serious risk. Hooplas engineers are all trained and registered in gas safety installations and servicing. If you are concerned with any gas appliances please call Hoopla Property Services to come and check everything out.

Flue Gas Analysing

Hoopla Property Services are trained in using our high tech flue gas analysers which will test everything on all gas appliances. The analysers test how much carbon dioxide, oxygen and carbon monoxide the appliances are putting out, this will give our engineers a ratio which will tell us what needs to be adjusted and if it is safe to carry on using.

For anyone carrying out gas work, legally you must hire a competent gas registered engineer. To check engineers please go to the gas safe website by clicking here.

All Hoopla Property Services engineers are fully certified and registered with gas safe.