One in six homes are not gas safe

  • June 28, 2017
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  • Nicky

It is a legal requirement for rental properties to have a Gas Safety Check annually, however it is not as common for homeowners to do the same. When was the last time you had one carried out? According to Gas Safe 1 in 6 homes inspected in Great Britain had unsafe gas appliances.

When we carry out a Gas Safety Check, we are testing the functioning and safety of the Gas Appliances in your home, and reviewing if they are up to current standards. Sometimes boilers, gas fires, or gas hobs are found to be ‘At Risk’ whereby work is required to bring the appliance up to current standards. We have found boilers to be unsafe in the past, in one example the safety valve failed when we tested it. On that particular boiler if the pilot light blew out, and the safety valve failed (as it did during the test), gas would leak out in to the property – which of course is incredibly dangerous.

Gas Safe advise that appliances should be checked annually. Please give us a call on 01491 520 226 if you would like to arrange for us to carry out a Gas Safety Check in your home, or book now online here 

Source Gas Safe