Emergency Gas Leak Repair Henley on Thames

A gas leak in your home or business can result in devastating consequences that can be potentially fatal. If you do not know what to look out for, a leak can be easily missed. Understanding and looking out for the warning signs will lead to early detection. The issue can then be dealt with quickly, hopefully before the situation escalates.

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Signs that you may have a gas leak

  • Smell

    A smell is added to household gas by the energy companies. The gas is naturally odourless, but the added smell enables us to detect if it is present. Over the years this addition has saved numerous lives. If you can smell gas you mustn’t do anything that might create a spark, for example - turning on lights or lighting the hob. Any spark can potentially cause an explosion. As soon as you smell gas, turn off your supply at the isolation valve, and contact your energy supplier immediately.

  • Carbon monoxide

    This potentially lethal gas is created in the process of burning fuel. As it is odourless it can easily be missed. The best way to keep the members of your house safe is by installing a carbon monoxide alarm. Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms include headaches, sickness, dizziness, fatigue, stomach pains, and difficulty breathing. If you have any of these symptoms, seek medical advice.

  • Bubbles

    Bubbles can sometimes be seen at the source of the leak. If you suspect a gas leak, turn off the supply at the isolation valve and contact your energy supplier.

  • Condition of house plants

    If plants die suddenly, it could be due to exposure to gas that has been escaping over some time. A significant leak may be sufficient to cause plants to move as if in a light breeze. There may not be any visible signs pointing towards gas poisoning, so be vigilant and look for other signs.

If you have any suspicion that there may be a gas leak, turn off your supply and contact your energy supplier. The isolation valve is usually in your meter box, to turn off the supply move the handle so that it’s in the 90-degrees upright position to the gas pipe. Remember that it is always better to be over-cautious and safe rather than sorry.

Hoopla offers a comprehensive gas safety inspection service for both domestic and commercial properties. Allowing us to install, service, and inspect your gas appliances will ensure that your facilities are as safe as possible.

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