Dripping Taps

  • June 27, 2017
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  • Nicky

Dripping taps waste at least 5500 litres of water a year according to waterwise. This is the equivalent of a paddling pool worth of water being wasted every week, for the whole summer, due to a dripping tap! This is wasting water, thus paying over the odds for your water bill.

We can re-washer your taps, or change them if required. If they do need to be replaced there are a wide range of tap options to choose from including ‘ceramic disc’ taps which do not require washers and are designed to last longer.

You can now get many taps that are easier on the wrists as well! It is no longer necessary to turn the taps round and round. Quarter turn taps are very easy to use as you simply only need to turn them a quarter of a turn to change the temperature!

If you or someone you know has a dripping tap, or needs a tap replacement then our Hoopla plumbers can help. Please give them our number and one of our plumbers can replace the washer, or suggest appropriate tap replacements! 01491 520 226.


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