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We handle air conditioning issues, with skill and expertise.

The Hoopla team provides a range of air conditioning services across the areas of Henley on Thames, Marlow, Caversham, Reading, Beaconsfield, and Windsor. From the installation of new air con systems, to repair and maintenance , we offer fixed price solutions that you can rely upon.

For further information about our air conditioning services in the Henley on Thames area, contact the Hoopla team today.

Hoopla Heating and Boilers Ltd features a full range of plumbing, heating, and installation solutions in Henley on Thames and surrounding areas. Call us today on 01491 520226 for a free quote and special savings!

Air Conditioning Gives You Total Control

Control the ventilation, humidity and temperature of your rooms with a quality air conditioning system. With the right air conditioning system installed by a professional team, you’ll feel the difference and experience the comfort.

The benefits you’ll experience include:
  • Air con lets you enjoy using your space in all seasons. Because air conditioning heats and cools, the rooms you spend time in will be the ideal temperature all year round.

  • When people are too hot or too cold, they are restless, irritable and distracted. That’s not good for personal relaxation or for a working environment, so being able to control the air makes everything easier.

  • We all sleep better when we are cool. One of the biggest tips for a good night’s sleep is to reduce the temperature in the bedroom.

  • The filters in air conditioners remove allergens. That helps reduce asthma attacks thanks to the removal of dust mites, pollen, and mould particles.

  • The security of a building is increased when air conditioning is used rather than leaving windows and doors open.

  • Air conditioning lowers noise pollution too by having the windows closed, this is especially helpful if your building is on a busy street.

Air conditioning can be installed in the home as well as in commercial and industrial settings. In the UK, fitting air conditioning in bedrooms and living rooms has become more popular as we experience more regular heatwaves. If you’ve got a hot conservatory or new garden room, make it a comfortable space by installing air conditioning.

At Hoopla, we are F-Gas registered and trained to install a range of well-known air conditioning brands. Ask us about the best air con system for your circumstances - we are happy to discuss the different models and provide a fixed-rate quote.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Service

Air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to make sure they run efficiently and safely. The Hoopla team provides annual checks, cleans and filter changes to help keep your air con units working properly.

We are happy to work on residential and commercial air conditioning systems in the Henley on Thames area. As an F-Gas qualified team, we have the qualifications and experience to maintain most air conditioners. Call us to book a maintenance appointment today.

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